Senior living community salons are typically staffed with professionals who prefer to work with mature clients, and serve as a social hub where you can meet your friends and catch up on the latest news. 

Here are few items to consider to manage a salon:

Staff: Making sure the hair stylists and manicurists are comfortable working with mature clients. Are they background checked and have necessary immunizations? Are they W-2 employees? Do they have training with Dementia residents? 

Salon Layout: when designing a salon for senior living communities, focus will be around comfort, functionality and safety. 

  • Adjustable Wash Bowl- Having an adjustable wash bowl reduces the risk of resident injuries resulting from falls during manual transfers to and from the salon chairs. It also reduces the chances of back injuries among the staff facilitating those residents. 
  • Salon Chair- Having an ADA Compliant salon chair makes your residents feel comfortable and functional. For more information visit ADA Checklist:
  • Safety- Once you’ve chosen a space and signed your lease, it’s time to start preparing your business for day-to-day operations. That means creating your salon layout, mapping out electrical and plumbing and getting your utilities set up. As you begin installation it’s important to remember to always leave plenty of time for any issues that are sure to arise during installation and to always use professional, licensed plumbers, electricians and handymen for your installation. Read reviews and ask around to help ensure you’re using reputable companies for your installations.